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Apart from various medicinal preparations using cow-dung as mentioned in texts, cow-dung can be used as household remedy too. Its uses are as follows:-

1) For purifying environment, dhoopan etc., Gomaya is very useful. From ancient times gomaya is used in homes for application on the floors. It absorbs ultraviolet rays. Hence, we stay protected from the ulraviolet rays. Therefore application of Gomaya in homes or outside keeps the environment healthy and protects us form the harsh U-V Rays.

2) In Asthma, Gomaya swarasa (juice) is used in the form of nasya i.e adding 2-2 drops in the nostrils.

3) In epistaxis, mere smelling the Gomaya stops the bleeding at once.

4) Gomaya is rich in vitamin B12. Hence in B12 deficiency Gomaya can be beneficial.

5) In case of diarhea, drinking Gomaya swarasa is beneficial.

6) In various teeth disorders, gomaya is used in the form of powder for brushing the teeth.

7) Gomaya is an easily available germ-killer