Cow protection

cp2“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi

Join hands with WAHTS Foundation as we take on the mission of Cow Protection by cultivating huge areas for the cows, bulls and calves ensuring their harmonious livelihood without the fear of producing tons of milk for human requirements.

No calf should be deprived of its mother’s milk and neither should the male calves be sent to slaughter houses for their incapacity to produce milk.
WAHTS Foundations takes Cow Protection seriously and we urge you to join us to make a difference. WAHTS volunteers have tirelessly worked to save  3573 number of cows till date.

Value Education program

ve2Value Education by WAHTS, provides a wide gamut of learning and activities ranging from training in physical health, mental hygiene, etiquette and manners, appropriate social behaviour, civic rights and duties to aesthetic and even religious training based on the Gita.

To some, value education is simply a matter of developing appropriate behaviour and habits involving inculcation of certain virtues and habits. In opposition to such a conception, Value education by WAHTS has an essentially cognitive component in it and that this should not be ignored. Actually the ability to make moral judgement based on sound reasoning is a very important aim of value education and has to be deliberately cultivated.

Moral development of a child, according to some, results automatically from the social life of the school. The child as a member of the group imbibes the attitudes, values and general behaviour of the group and continually tries to mould himself according to the group norm. Such adjustment to life constitutes his moral development. Value Education is a process of aiding the child in such adjustment. Such a view is contested on the ground that although children learn the rules of group living from the social life of the school, such learning does not constitute value education. For morality, it is pointed out, is not concerned so much with `what is’ as with `what ought to be’ and `what ought to be done’.

“Person is great by his right values and not by his wealth, beauty, degrees only.” Mahatma Gandhiji

We request all the individuals to spare their little time with WAHTS in order to reach many such Kids and impart them these Values to shape them a better humans.

Any of your skills, may it be public speaking, event organizing, marketing can be used for the better India vision.

Corporate program

cp1WAHTS through its corporate training wing organized personal management training at DBS business center at Cunningham Road to help them in leading a better and holistic life. 25 different delegates from different corporate sectors took advantage of this training program.

WAHTS embeds ethics and spiritual values into the workplace with Life Style Management Techniques and a Transformation in Consciousness through Behavioral Training seminars, workshops and Experiential Learning which leads to:

  • Increased productivity.
    •Employee retention, interpersonal relationships and team bonding,
    •Role clarity and employee engagement.

Some of our Training programs are list below:

  • Personal Management: Stress Management , Anger Management,Work Life Balance
    •Relationship Management: Conflict Resolution, The Art of Delegation, Team Work, Effective Communication, Ethical Leadership
    •Inner-Self Management : Embracing Change, MAP: Mental Awarenes Program , Wellness, Morality
Weekend Program
 sepThe Go-Puja reminds us of the important role the cow, symbolic of the mother, plays in our lives. It’s an opportunity for us to show our appreciation and reverence for her. While possessing a beautiful spiritual symbolism and deep universal significance, cow worshiping might seem like a strange notion for those not raised in the Indian culture, but if performed it brings all auspiciousness.

WAHTS organizes every Sunday evening at 6.30pm Go-Pujan, followed by melodious bhajans and delicious feast.

All are invited.