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Even though lord showered torrents of rain on the day of his appearance day @ R R Nagar, It was amazement to see nearly 2000 devotees participating in Sri Krishna Janmastami 2017 celebration organized by devotees of Hare Krishna Mandir @ R R Nagar.

Festivities began by the performance of various groups of devotees of R R Nagar, who performed various sweet and melodious bhajans for the pleasure of their lordships Sri Sri Radha Govindji. Students of Kalyani school of music and Padmini Priya Nruthya Acadamy gave the life to the whole event by their sweet performances.

An elaborate bathing ceremony was organized by Agrani Krishna prabhu and his team on the occasion of Lords appearance day which mesmerized all the pilgrims, as if it was a feast for all the senses of the body. Preparations for the worship of the Supreme Lord include several details. With great reverence, devotees prepare for the ceremonial bathing of the Lord. Kalashas are decorated with artistically wound threads and filled with water. The water is sanctified with items like cloves, cardamom, saffron, tulasi and rose petals. The Supreme Lord is invoked in the water. The kalasha is covered with a coconut on the top.

Preparation of the full day finally culminates into the grand ceremonial bathing of the Lord. The deities of Sri Radha Govindji are anointed with fragrant oils and are bathed with auspicious items like milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, sweet water and fresh juices. They are then smeared with turmeric paste and bathed in Ganges water. Varieties of flowers are showered until the Deities are submerged in the soft bed of flowers.

Best part of Sri Krishna Janmastami celebration @ R R Nagar is, Every pilgrim also gets an advantage of personally bathing and swinging the lord along with their family members which increases their satisfaction of heart on this most auspicious day.

Distribution of Srila Prabhupada books, highlighting the importance of Cows in the society, Applying Vaisnava-nama to every pilgrim, Anukalpa feast and etc…Were the highlights of the event.

Let their lordships Sri Sri Radha Govindji bless all the devotees and volunteers, who organized the event.